Based in Romsey, Hampshire, we have exceptional facilities to continue the growth of our e-liquids for our continuing client list.

Once home to an Alzheimer's research facility for a pharmaceutical company based in Belgium, we found the facilities still in situ could only compliment our continued growth, and deliver e-liquids to a standard that we expect from British Manufacturing.
Our facilities are of the highest standard for laboratory condition research, with air filtration systems in to the main laboratory, that then extends in to our new blending facility. With a state of the art extraction system, compliments the extent of a particleless facility.


All Lonjas UK Manufactured e-liquid, comes in a strong PET bottle, secured with a childproof locking screw lid, then sealed. With new investment in machinery in 2014, and scheduled further investment in 2015 Lonjas UK will have the facility to produce over 16 million bottles of e-liquid.We currently manufacture for several wholesalers and retailers, giving them their own branding and identity in the e-liquid industry.

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Flavour Distinguishing Through Batching


When developing flavours, we undertook the task of having our own branded flavours. This was quickly superceeded by the demand from our clients to have their own brands, with our blended e-liquid.
As Manufacturers we were delighted how our e-liquid has been forefront in the thoughts of future wholesalers and retailers.

All of our e-liquids manufactured here at Lonjas UK, leave our premises batch coded. These batch codes maybe supplier relevent, but has traceability back to us here at Lonjas UK, and inturn the same batch codes are assigned to our suppliers, so your customers can be reassured of full accountability in the production process.

Flavour Consultation


Understanding the process of e-liquid blending will give you knowledge when it comes to choosing your flavours. This is why we offer flavour and tasting consultations during the blending stages.

- No time constraints

- Use our knowledge of current trends

- Understanding flavour combinations

- Sample Testing

Unconventional Thinking Beyond 2016


Delivering a Premium E-Liquid requires exceptional processes, from blending, through the maturity of the product, to delivery of extraordinary packaging.

IMPORTANT: Lonjas UK is not registered with the MHRA, our products are not registered as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), we do not claim Lonjas UK E-Liquids to be a tobacco cessation product at this stage. Lonjas UK E-Liquids are an alternative for nicotine absorbtion through variable e-cigarette devices. Our products are not suitable for persons under the age of 18 years.



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