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04/02/2016 - 16:26

E-Quits Limited Acquires Fetish Gourmet Elixirs.

Southampton based E-Liquid Brand Specialists, E-Quits Limited, added another brand to their portfolio by purchasing a 51% shareholding of Heidi Heisenberg Limited, who trade under the name of Fetish Gourmet Elixirs based in Kettering.

E-Quits Limited have in their brand portfolio, Lonjas UK, Vaping Warehouse, Phil The Greek, Patti Bakers Pastry, The Olde Sweetshop and manufacture for twenty seven other undisclosed brands

Managing Director, David Extance, has said "We have been keeping a keen eye on Fetish Gourmet Elixirs for sometime and have been impressed with their brand presence along with their ever increasing 'vape' following which led to this acquisition." He continued, "We, as a company, wanted to protect the work of Fetish Gourmet to see them through the Tobacco Products Directive that will be implemented in May of this year, so they can continue to serve their customers, and protect their ten strong workforce in Kettering.

The partnership will see a new branding of the company, changing to 'Heidi Heisenberg's Fetish Gourmet'.


Heidi Davies who created Fetish Gourmet Elixirs in 2014 is delighted with the acquisition, saying "We knew the TPD would be one hurdle too far for us, as a company to continue, and we are delighted that E-Quits have come in to secure what we produce here in Kettering and securing the future of our staff. We are delighted that we can continue producing our flavour combinations for our ever increasing customer base.


IMPORTANT: Lonjas UK is not registered with the MHRA, our products are not registered as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), we do not claim Lonjas UK E-Liquids to be a tobacco cessation product at this stage. Lonjas UK E-Liquids are an alternative for nicotine absorbtion through variable e-cigarette devices. Our products are not suitable for persons under the age of 18 years.



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