2016 and Beyond //

Uncertainty surrounds the future regulations from the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Article 20 due May 2016.

With one current legal challenge underway and Lonjas UK citing a second challenge on the content, we do need to prepare for the changes that could be implimented, although we firmly believe that changes to Article 20 will be removed and a new set of regulations will be restructured specifically for e-liquids and associated hardware, we at Lonjas UK will move with guidelines to ensure that we deliver you, our customers, an uninterupted supply of products.

We will keep you up to date with changes via our newsletters.

Product Development //

Product Development & Research


Researching new flavours, processes and methods remains forefront for our core business. This is why Lonjas UK have maintain a high level of our customers.

We are not one for sitting on our laurels, along with our Production Manager, and flavourists, development is an everyday process. Flavour demands from your customers will ensure we will be able to develop premium flavours for your business.

We research every combination of
Propylene Glyco and Vegetable Glycerin percentage ratio to ensure we give you the very best base for blending your concentrates.


We also test differing vegetables for our glycerin, to give you superb flavour.



Equipment Development //

Product Development & Research


Diagnostic and Titration is key to ensure the products we produce are of the very highest standards, we constantly consult with leading manufacturers to ensure that Lonjas UK are cutting edge when it comes to the development of quality control.


Further heavy investment due in late 2015, through demands from the EU will see Lonjas UK invest further in automated filling lines, warehousing, and an expansion of our ever growing laboratories.




For our generic flavour list please click here.



IMPORTANT: Lonjas UK is not registered with the MHRA, our products are not registered as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), we do not claim Lonjas UK E-Liquids to be a tobacco cessation product at this stage. Lonjas UK E-Liquids are an alternative for nicotine absorbtion through variable e-cigarette devices. Our products are not suitable for persons under the age of 18 years.



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